With the cannabis industry constantly reinventing itself, new ways to consume high-quality cannabis are always surfacing. One of the more recent and exciting innovations are concentrates, such as shatter dabs. Unlike hash, which is crumbly and grainy in texture, shatter is hard and translucent. It resembles tinted glass and is easily snapped into smaller pieces for individual consumption. Shatter is made through a solvent extraction process, which yields high levels of THC and incredible potency.

Buy shatter online is usually smoked with a dab rig, but it can also be used in regular weed pipes or bongs. Since it has a higher THC content, consuming shatter requires a stronger and more durable setup than smoking regular weed. For this reason, shatter is recommended for more experienced cannabis users. Despite its strength, it is still possible to overdo it with shatter, so starting off small is highly recommended.

Finding Deals: How to Buy Cheap Shatter Without Sacrificing Quality

Due to its extreme potency, medical marijuana patients use shatter to ease symptoms such as chronic pain and stress. In micro doses, it can also be used to promote appetite and relieve nausea.

For those who don’t have a dab rig, shatter can be vaporized in a dry herb vaporizer, such as a weed vape pen or a pre-filled cartridge. This method is much easier, and is more discreet than the traditional dabbing style. However, the results will not be as effective as if it were consumed directly with a dab rig. Alternatively, it can be added to a bowl of weed or ground flower to enhance the flavor and effect.

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