Why Does Your Dishwasher Smell Like Wet Dog?

Why Does Your Dishwasher Smell Like Wet Dog

We all know how horrible a dog can smell on a hot day after getting wet. It’s no wonder that the same unpleasant smell can come from your dishwasher. The good news is that a stinky dishwasher doesn’t pose any health risks and can be easily eliminated with some simple fixes. This article will explore some of the main reasons why your dishwasher smells like wet dog and also share some easy to follow tips on how to fix it.

1. Filthy Water

If food debris or a Why Does Your Dishwasher Smell Like Wet Dog? of grease in the filters, drain, or door seals contaminates your dishwasher’s washing water, then the resulting dirty odor can be hard to eliminate. To prevent this, thoroughly clean all of your dishwasher’s serviceable parts and run a hot wash cycle without detergent to ensure that the water is free of contaminants.

2. Uncleaned Interior

Many of the same wastes that get in your garbage disposal can also end up in your dishwasher if it’s not properly cleaned. When these wastes are left in your dishwasher for an extended period of time, they can begin to decay and emit foul smells. This is particularly common if the dishwasher hasn’t been used for a long time or if you don’t rinse and wipe down the inside of your appliance before each use.

The easiest way to prevent this problem is to make sure you clean out your filter, run a hot wash cycle without detergent, and wipe down the inside of your dishwasher before each use. You should also leave the door open after each use to allow the dishwasher to air out and prevent grime and mold buildup. If these tips aren’t enough to help you eliminate the smelly odor from your dishwasher, then it may be time to call a professional for an appliance repair.

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