MDMA, also MDMA gummies as ecstasy and molly, is a drug that increases the activity of three brain chemicals, producing effects including increased energy, feelings of empathy and connectedness with others, distorted perception, and involuntary teeth-clenching. It is commonly used as a recreational drug at dance parties (also called raves) and music festivals. It is also increasingly being used in psychotherapy as a tool to help people process traumatic events and emotions.

Gummy drugs are a growing problem for teens, who may take large amounts without realizing they have ingested them. Teens may also mix gummies with alcohol, which can increase both the potency of the drug and the risks of harm. This combination is often referred to as “candy flipping.”

Tips for a Positive Online Shroom Buying Experience in Canada

A recent study examined samples of new psychoactive gummies that have recently entered the Spanish recreational market. It found that 66.7% did not contain the drug that was expected, and the most common substance was 25N-NBOMe. This substance has been linked to toxic seizures and heart attacks in some users.

Teens may also find information and how-to videos about making mdma gummies online, which can add to the risk. In addition, pills, capsules, and powders sold as Ecstasy or supposedly “pure” Molly frequently contain other drugs in addition to or instead of MDMA. These include cocaine, ketamine, over-the-counter cough medicine, and synthetic cathinones (often marketed as bath salts). In these cases, the drugs can have extremely dangerous and even life-threatening effects when mixed together or with MDMA.

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