Jet charters are a great option for business travelers who want the flexibility of a private aircraft without owning one. Typically, you will pay an hourly rate to use the jet on your travels and will have to cover various fees like maintenance, catering, fuel, ramp use, overnight fees and more. Source

The best way to find the right private flight option for you is to clarify your travel needs and requirements with a company that specializes in this type of service. Having this information ready will make the process of sourcing an appropriate aircraft much easier and ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Book a Private Jet Using TimeFlys: A Step-by-Step Guide

In addition to the convenience of being able to travel on your terms and avoid unnecessary delays like long security lines and baggage claim, flying charter can also save you time when it comes to resuming your work day. Charter flights often depart and arrive at smaller airports that are closer to your destination, reducing overall travel time. Additionally, many charters don’t have layovers and connecting flights, saving you hours in total travel time per trip.

The cost of jet charters vary by aircraft type, travel destinations and how you plan to use the aircraft. Some companies, like Tradewind Aviation and XO Jets, offer pay-as-you-go jet card options that provide access to an aircraft with a low monthly fee. Other companies like Sentient Jet and Wheels Up have fractional membership programs that are ideal for fliers who don’t want to commit a large sum of money up front.

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With magic mushrooms dispensary canada art on the walls, books on the subject and a menu of edibles, the small storefront looks like any other hippie-themed shop in a liberal city. But this one has an unusual selling point: a legal way for people over 21 to score psilocybin, which is considered a Schedule One drug in the United States. The only catch: you have to call ahead, show your ID and sit down for a discussion about the drug’s intoxicating effects, its potential benefits in helping treat mental ailments including addiction, depression and PTSD and your intended use of the mushrooms.

Catalysts of Change: The Role of Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

The co-op, called Chillum, sells a range of mushroom products from capsules and gummies to powders. There are also mycology kits that would theoretically allow people to grow their own mushrooms, but Hermida asks buyers to sign a form pledging not to do so.

He admits he and his partner, who owns the building, are taking a risk by selling the drugs. They aren’t trying to hide it: the business is openly advertised in Westword and online. He says his phone rings three to five times a day from people seeking information about buying mushrooms.

But he believes psilocybin has an important role to play in the future of medicine. He’s not alone in that opinion: a growing number of doctors have begun to prescribe the hallucinogen, particularly for people suffering from depression or anxiety. The drug isn’t without risks, however, and it can trigger a “bad trip” in some users, similar to the experience of consuming cannabis. Some of those symptoms can be alleviated with chamomile tea, B vitamins and a sedative such as diazepam or haloperidol.

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Aerial Tours are a fun, exciting, and memorable way to experience the world from new, and sometimes unexpected perspectives. Whether you are a tourist looking to add some adventure and excitement to your vacation or simply trying to find a more interesting way to see well-known landmarks, an airborne excursion can be an unforgettable ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. This section of the aviation industry encompasses a wide range of different non-transport flying adventures, from charity sightseeing flights to helifishing expeditions. In addition, the unmanned aircraft or ‘drone’ aviation community is quickly entering this sector with innovative ways to deliver the same thrill of seeing the world from above.

Cloud Nine Escapes: Aerial Tours for Unforgettable Vacation Memories

A helicopter ride can be a quick way to get a feel for the geography of a place or the perfect opportunity for shutterbugs to capture photographs from unique vantage points. The awe-inspiring scenery will be accentuated by the in-flight narration, which is usually provided either through prerecorded headsets or live by your pilot. On longer tours, your pilot may even give you a chance to make a ‘landing’ during the flight, providing photo opportunities from an additional angle.

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DMT Canada is a Canadian company providing consulting services to the resources industry. The company specializes in mineral exploration, geology, mining, coke production and testing & measurement technology. DMT Geosciences staff is made up of highly qualified, experienced, and professional people with expertise in all aspects of the resources business. Read more

Dimethyltryptamine is a naturally occurring compound in the human brain that has captured interest in the scientific community for its recreational and clinical use. It is a powerful hallucinogen that interacts with serotonin receptors (particularly 5-ht2a), ionotropic and metabotropic glutamate, dopamine, acetylcholine, TAAR, and sigma-1 receptors. It has been implicated in altered states of consciousness associated with psychosis, dreams, creativity, imagination, religious and spiritual phenomena, and near-death experiences.

Finding DMT in Canada: A Guide to Sources and Safe Practices”

In the United States, DMT is a Schedule III drug and it is illegal to possess, trade or sell it. However, it has been used legally for research purposes under the Controlled Substances Act. Typically, this is done with the help of a doctor who is licensed to prescribe and administer drugs that have psychedelic effects for medical reasons. The doctors must be approved by Health Canada and are required to report any serious injuries or deaths related to psychedelic use.

In Canada, DMT is not legal to own or buy unless it is for laboratory or clinical research. It is a restricted substance under Part J of the Food and Drug Regulations, and it is not allowed to be sold outside of a hospital or clinic.

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