Wetpour Surface – A Hidden Gem For Playgrounds

Wetpour Surface

When it comes to Wetpour Surface solutions for playgrounds, wet pour surface is a hidden gem that’s steadily making waves across various industries. It is made from a blend of rubber granules and a binding agent, such as polyurethane resin. It’s highly durable, long-lasting and offers a multitude of benefits.

Wet pour safety surfacing consists of two layers, an SBR base layer which acts as a shock absorber and an EPDM wearing course layer that is available in a variety of different colours. Depending on the type of rubber granules and binder used, a wet pour surface can last between 6 to 20 years with minimal maintenance and repairs.

The Ultimate Guide to Wetpour Playground Surfaces

Unlike loose-fill alternatives, wet-pour surfacing is completely porous and allows rainwater to drain efficiently. This prevents the formation of puddles that may pose slip hazards. It also doesn’t trap dirt and mud like non-porous surfaces, allowing for easy cleaning.

With proper maintenance, wet pour surfaces can last for a long time, making it an excellent option for school playgrounds and nursery schools. It is recommended to inspect the surface daily and remove foreign objects, like debris, leaves or litter. Weekly, the surface can be swept or blown and should be power washed every six months. During winter, a non-toxic chemical de-icer should be broadcasted to improve grip for children. Avoid using metal shovels or scrapers as they could distort the surface.

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