How a Scent Machine Shop Can Transform a Shop


Retail geur machines have many factors to consider when designing their environment. Location, decor, employee uniforms, art, lighting, temperature and music all combine to create a unique brand experience for shoppers. But now another important factor has emerged: fragrance. The addition of strategically chosen scents can transform the shopping experience and increase sales.

Scent is an ideal medium for extending communication from sight and sound to the sense of smell, reaching deeper into customer awareness and loyalty. Scent machines are a key component of this branding strategy. They help to set the tone of a brand and provide a lasting memory, thereby influencing customers to return.

Unveiling the Power of Scent: Exploring the Limbic Brain

However, a retail scent machine must be carefully constructed and designed to ensure that it does not cause any damage to the shop’s environment or the product itself. Common complaints of HVAC scent systems include malfunctioning timers, noisy components, clogging nozzles and swelling O-rings due to the use of non-resistant plastic covers on the dispensing systems.

Our scent machines use cold air diffusion technology to evenly distribute a fine mist of fragrance over large and small spaces. It’s the same kind of technology used by the pros in hotels, hospitals, stores and offices. Choose from a wide selection of luxurious and timeless fragrances or create your own signature scent with our bespoke option. The machine’s smart controls allow you to easily connect to the machine over Wi-Fi and remotely adjust days, hours and fragrance oil. It’s like having a scented concierge service at your fingertips.

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