AutoCAD Sheet Sets

sheet sets

Sheet sets are a way to organize and manage layouts from multiple drawing files into an organized, named collection of sheets that you can publish, transmit, and archive as a unit. They provide a significant productivity gain, even for those working in a non-shared sandbox environment.

The intended process for implementing sheet sets is slightly different from the way AutoCAD has always worked, but it provides more flexibility and productivity gains over traditional workflows. The idea is that you create the model geometry in its own file (DWG) and then assemble it into a sheet layout in another DWG. Then you can focus on the model geometry in one DWG, and use the sheet file to manage the layout tab. The sheet file can include title blocks, viewports, and notes in paper space and external references to other model drawings (including xrefs and nested xrefs) in model space.

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When you use the Create Sheet Set wizard, a folder is created as the default location for the sheet set data (DST) file. The DST file contains information that defines the sheet set and its associations, including the page setup overrides.

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